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As a student, can I use the IDI for a thesis or dissertation?

Students may wish to use IDI data to complete a thesis or dissertation. Because the student will be representing the IDI and IDI data in their work by presenting IDI results, writing about the IDI, or publishing a research study, the student is responsible for any errors, etc. that are made with the use of the IDI. Therefore, the student must be a licensed QA in order to use, research, present, and write about the IDI.

If the student is not already a QA, they would first need to attend a Qualifying Seminar to become licensed as a Qualified Administrator (QA) of the IDI in order to use, conduct research with, analyze data of, present on, and/or write about the IDI. Upcoming Qualifying Seminars dates and registration can be found here. The student would qualify for the educational rate.

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