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Place New Order of IDI Login Codes

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?


IDI Login Codes can be ordered from an IDI QA account or Enterprise Account for respondents to complete the IDI Assessment.

>Order Details
>Customized Questions
>Group Details
>Adding Respondent Email Addresses
>Check Out


Order Details

  • On the Dashboard of the account page, click Place New Order
  • Select IDI Type
    • Note: If using Prepaid Credits, you MUST know the IDI Type of the Prepaid Credits
  • Enter Quantity of Login Codes
    • Total automatically populates
  • Under AssessmentFull Name is selected by default. You can de-select that option if you wish to make the results anonymous.
    • If you have an ID Number that you would want your respondents to enter instead of or in addition to their name, select that option.




In the Demographics section, categories are selected by default (categories can be deselected and each question is optional for the respondent to answer). You are not required to make any changes here to be able to place your order.

  • Education Level
    • Asks the respondent for their level of education at the time of completing the IDI Assessment
  • Country of Citizenship
    • Provides a selection of 240+ nations for the respondent to select their primary country of citizenship
  • Current Position
    • The respondent can select the response that best describes their current position within their organization
      • This question will reflect the Organizational or Educational version selected for Type of IDI above



Customized Questions

If you wish to add customized questions, you can do so here. If not, skip this step.

  • Select the number of Customized Questions to add (1-6)
  • Using Preset Name, you can save your question for use in future orders or select a previously saved question and responses
    • Once you have the question completed (including responses), click Save Preset. The preset will be saved to the IDI account and available to select for future orders.
  • In Question, enter the customized question
  • In Answer #1/Answer #2, enter in the responses to be available
    • To add more fields for responses, click Add More to add up to 20 responses



Group Details

  • Enter your desired Group Name
    • Prefix [####] automatically populates with the your account number




Adding Respondent Email Addresses

You can utilize the IDI Assessment Website to send your respondents automated emails to complete the IDI Assessment. If you do not wish to utilize this feature, skip this step.

  • Click New Email to manually enter the respondent’s email address
  • Click Import Emails to upload a list of email addresses
    • The email addresses may be imported from an XLSX, Email Client, or CSV file. Examples of each are provided.
  • Additional instructions or information for respondents may be added in Message to Respondents box
    • This text will appear in the automated email that is sent to each respondent







Check Out

  • Select the payment type available within your account
    • Credit Card is the default payment method in all accounts
  • If Credit Card is used, and it has a different billing address (other than the billing address listed in My Account), enter in the alternate billing address
    • Click Billing Address
    • Select Other Than Mailing
    • Complete all fields
  • If Prepaid Credits (#) is selected, a total of the number of credits is available within the order
  • Click Submit





A confirmation window will appear, at which point you will be able to review and place your order. Orders are processed immediately and any emails related to the order are also sent immediately.


Once you have confirmed and submitted the order, you will be taken to a page with the login codes and passwords you just ordered. Please note that this page allows you  to export (to .XLSX file), download (to PDF), AND email a copy of the login codes and passwords. 



If you accidentally leave  page without exporting the login codes and passwords, you can do so on the Login Codes page.


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