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Students Ordering IDI as a Textbook

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?

You can take these steps to set up the IDI Login Codes ordered in your IDI account to be purchased by students as a textbook from your university bookstore.

Initial Communication with the Bookstore

Contact your university bookstore and discuss your desire to have students purchase the login information in the form of a letter with unique login and password information for each participant.  Tell them you will do the setup (order the logins for the number of students enrolled in the class, generate a file with the individual letters and then forward them on to the bookstore for barcode attachment and sale).

Payment via Invoice

If you have already been pre-approved by IDI, LLC for invoicing: Tell the bookstore IDI, LLC will send an invoice which you will forward to them for payment.  They may need to know the cost of the assessment, for example, $13 per assessment (multiply this by two if you are doing pre- and post-tests).
If you have not been approved by IDI, LLC for invoicing:  You will need to go through the invoicing approval process, or use a credit card to pre-purchase the IDI Assessments and work with your bookstore to be reimbursed. Please note: there are no guarantees for invoicing approval and this process can take some time so if this is an option you are interested in you should allow plenty of time to ensure it is in place.

Setting up the IDI: Ordering Usernames and Passwords

Once settled, set up the IDI and order user names based on the number of students enrolled.  Run a separate purchase for each class so you can keep the data separated.  If you do a pre and post assessment your usernames could look like EDUC290Fall2019sec1pretest and EDUC290Fall2019sec1posttest.  For a second class, it could look like EDUC290Fall2019sec2pretest and EDUC290Fall2019sec2posttest, etc.

Creating Letters for sale by the bookstore

Once you place the order, download the usernames to a spreadsheet and create individual letters using the mail merge manager in Microsoft word.  Attached you will find a letter template for your perusal.  Once the letters are generated, send these on to the bookstore for sale.

Communicating with students

One week before classes begin, send students a welcome email letting them know what resources they will need for class.  This is also where you inform them to go to the bookstore and purchase the IDI by telling the cashier which specific section they are registered for.  They are only to purchase the assessment for the section in which they are enrolled.  They are also required to complete the pretest before the first day of class.

Additional Considerations

There are no refunds available for purchase of IDI assessments. Because of this you should take precautions that students are only logging in to take the IDI if they plan on staying in the course. You may consider a no refund policy on purchase of the IDI, if that is allowed under your institution's policies.  If you have purchased more logins than the number of students who ultimately end up enrolling in the course, you cannot receive a refund for these; you can, however, convert them to prepaid credits and use them in the future for a different purpose (another course or project).

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