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Adding Organization Logo to IDI Reports

IDI Qualified Administrators are able to add their organization’s logo to the front cover of generated IDI Reports. The organization’s logo would be co-branded with the current IDI, LLC logo, in the space below the IDI, LLC logo on the cover page of each generated IDI Report from the personal QA account or Enterprise Account that houses the logo.

This feature is available to IDI personal QA accounts and Enterprise Account free-of-charge. A logo can be uploaded, deleted, or changed from My Account.

The IDI, LLC logo will continue to be displayed on the front cover of any IDI Report and cannot be removed. However, any logo uploaded using this feature will appear beneath it and will be automatically re-sized to fit into the space available.

Any IDI Reports that are generated from an account with a logo uploaded will display the logo. If the logo changes or needs to be re-uploaded for any reason, new IDI Reports can be generated with the new logo from Generate Reports.

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