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The Enterprise Account

The Enterprise Account is available to be created by any actively licensed IDI Qualified Administrator at no charge. The Enterprise Account allows for multiple QAs to have access to the data housed in the account. Additionally, the Enterprise Account allows for up to three (3) Non-QA Coordinators who can access the account and place orders on behalf of the QAs in the account.

The Enterprise Account can be created by the Qualified Administrator that intends to be the Primary QA (account holder) who will be responsible for any changes to the account, including which QAs and Non-QAs have access to it. If the Primary QA leaves the organization, that individual will need to transfer the role to a different QA in the Enterprise Account.

To help facilitate the organization’s IDI work, the Primary QA can name up to three individuals that are not licensed QAs to have access to the Enterprise Account. Non-QA Coordinators will be invited to create their own account and are able to place orders in an Enterprise Account, as well as manage login codes. However, Non-QA Coordinators do not have access to respondent IDI data nor can they generate IDI Reports in accordance with the IDI License Agreement.

QAs that are users of an Enterprise Account have the ability to reassign login codes from their personal QA account to the Enterprise Account. Data that is already in the Enterprise Account cannot be reassigned to a different account.

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