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IDI Demographics Questions

Listed below are the demographic questions that are available for use when ordering IDI Login Codes. These demographic questions are additional items beyond the 50 questions that are part of the Intercultural Development Inventory. These questions are not required to be answered to submit the IDI Assessment and a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator can elect to use any (or none) of these listed questions.


First Name: _____________________________


Last (Family) Name: _____________________________


Identification Number: _____________________________


Education level (completed):

  • Did not complete secondary (high) school
  • Secondary (high) school graduate
  • Post Secondary (university) graduate
  • M.A. degree or equivalent graduate degree
  • Ph.D. degree or equivalent level graduate degree
  • Other


Country of citizenship (passport country). Indicate the country that you consider your primary country of citizenship.

  • (List of 200 countries)


Current position in your education institution? *

  • Administration
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student
  • Volunteer
  • Other


Current position in your organization? **

  • Upper Management
  • Middle Management
  • Supervisory Level
  • Non-Management
  • Volunteer
  • Other



* Only displayed when using the Educational Version of the IDI Assessment
** Only displayed when using the Organizational Version of the IDI Assessment

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