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Prepaid Credits Overview

Prepaid Credits are available for purchase in personal QA accounts and Enterprise Accounts. These credits allow an organization to pay in advance for orders of login codes that have not yet been placed. Prepaid Credits are different from login codes in that Credits are not attached to specific respondents or groups.

Credits are the same cost as login codes. Once added to the account, the Credits will act as an additional payment type when ordering login codes from the IDI Assessment Website. When selected for an order, the number of login codes ordered is deducted from the available Credits until the total number of available Credits are used.

Prepaid Credits are largely used by companies with an allocated budget towards IDI work that they wish to utilize in advance, organizations that want to make the billing process easier for each order of login codes, and departments and programs within educational institutions that are using funds from a grant. However, anyone with a personal QA account or Enterprise Account can purchase Prepaid Credits when they are needed.

Prepaid Credits can be purchased in Orders. The current number of Credits purchased and used can also be found in Orders. Credits do not expire and are available to use when purchasing login codes as long as the account remains active and in good standing.

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