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Ways to Use IDI Videos

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?

We recommend the videos on the idiinventory.com website be used for the following:

  • Introduction to the Intercultural Development Inventory - This can be used in the initial stages of introducing the IDI to a group, when they are in the process of deciding whether to use the IDI, or as an overview to the assessment for groups who are engaging with the IDI.
  • The Intercultural Development Continuum - This video introduces the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC). The first segment (0:00-3:35) is a brief overview of the IDC and can be used when introducing the IDI as a possible tool or during a Group Debrief to introduce the IDC. The remainder of the video includes more in-depth descriptions of each orientation and can be used in a Group Debrief or can be sent to respondents after they take the IDI and before their Individual Debrief as an introduction to the IDC.  
  • Practical Applications of the Intercultural Development Inventory - This can be used during a group debrief to introduce participants to the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC) or for further exploration of the IDC. You can also send this to individuals after they have completed the IDI, but before you meet with them for their Individual Debrief. We recommend you show this video AFTER participants have completed the IDI.

The Debrief videos that are available on the IDI Assessment Website in the QA Resources are resources for QAs only, to learn more about providing Individual Debriefs and talking about IDPs. These should not be used for other purposes or shared with IDI clients or respondents.

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