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Decrease in Developmental Orientation (DO) and/or Perceived Orientation (PO) Scores From Pre- to Post-Assessment

There are several reasons there could be a decrease in an individual's DO and/or PO score from pre- to post-assessment:

  • The respondent was not honest or able to answer the questions authentically on either the first or second assessment, or both.

  • The respondent is going through a significant change or trauma in their life related to cultural difference and their scores are accurately reflecting their current situation, rather than how they might respond in a more stable period.

  • Not enough time has passed between the pre- and post-assessments for meaningful development to occur.

  • The respondent did not engage in developmental work between the pre- and post-assessments (for example, did not complete their Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) or receive other interventions).
      • It is recommended that an individual engage in self-reflective, intentional development through completing their IDP for 30-50 hours over approximately 3-to-9 months, with participation in coaching (if used), ranging from weekly to once per month.

  • The respondent may have been exposed to coaching, workshops, interventions etc. that were not developmental in nature or not at the appropriate developmental level, or they had a negative experience in completing these.

  • The respondent may have been exposed to an experience around navigating culture that was beyond their intercultural capacity and they were not provided with developmentally appropriate support.

It is important that you speak with the respondent to discuss what their experience has been from taking the pre- to post-assessment. This will inform the possible causes. Please note it is not uncommon for some individual's scores to regress even if the group's score as a whole increases.

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