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Increase in IDI Scores Over Time

The amount of an increase in IDI scores will depend on the level and type of intervention that takes place. Spending approximately 30-50 hours of concentrated effort on completing the Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) can result in a gain of one full orientation (or more). This effort should take place over approximately 3-to-9 months with participation in coaching (if used), ranging from weekly to once per month. These are not rigid timing recommendations, but provide a guideline.

Changes in scores are not just dependent on time, but also on the amount and type of development participants engage in. Trainings, coaching, or individual effort should be developmental in nature; in other words, the work the participants do should be appropriate to their Developmental Orientation (DO) and designed to help them progress along the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC). The IDP is designed to be developmental. So, completing one's IDP can be considered developmentally appropriate work. 

These guidelines are based upon the results of research in organizations, universities, and study abroad programs by QAs that IDI, LLC has worked closely with. The greatest gains in intercultural competence are a result of effective mentoring, training, and individualized coaching. 

Here is some of the literature these recommendations are based on: 

There is new research published by QAs around the IDI each year. Some of this research has shown increases in DO scores in shorter time periods. You can review our Research & Publications Database to explore these studies (we recommend searching for the keyword "posttest"). 


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