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Differences in IDI Results Based on Gender, Age, or Other Characteristics

While there may be some smaller studies that look at differences in IDI scores across gender or ages of particular groups (or other characteristics), there is no global data looking at these factors. The reason for this is there is no theoretical reason why there would be differences due to certain characteristics. If differences are found, it is not because of the characteristic itself, but because of individuals’ experiences.


Also, rigorous Differential Item Function (DIF) analysis (a method to evaluate whether different subgroups respond differently to particular items within a scale) found IDI results do not favor a particular group. In the DIF analysis, the performance of respondents on each item were reviewed to evaluate if the item appeared to unfairly favor one group over another (e.g., cultural bias) in the items on the IDI. (See more information in the 2016-2017 IDI Validation Results).

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