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Automated Email to Respondents When Including Respondent Email Addresses

This article details the automated email that is sent from the IDI assessment website. If you are an IDI Qualified Administrator and want to provide a more customized message to your respondent(s), please review IDI Introduction Email for QAs. That article includes a sample message with more details about the IDI that can be used to craft an email outside of the IDI assessment website.


When a respondent(s) email address in included with an IDI Login Code order, an automated email is sent to the respondent(s) that includes the information needed to complete the IDI. The email is sent from idiadmin@idiassessment.com.

Please note that these emails may get filtered to a junk folder. Respondents should either check their Junk/Spam in their inbox or to add the email address above to their Safe Senders list. You can also make the address safe at the organizational level, if needed (contact your IT department).

The default message is as follows, with an indicator of where a personal message from the IDI Qualified Administrator will appear:


You have been asked to complete the online version of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

Please log in here:


with the following username: ####-XXXX and password: XXXXXXXX
These are case sensitive.


Message from Administrator:

<This is the place your message would be if you added one in the Message to Respondents box upon ordering.>

[Do not reply to this email. For questions, please contact your organization.]

Please note the following important points:

1. The IDI is a 50-item questionnaire.

2. The IDI will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.

Thank you.

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