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Expected Time of IDI Debriefs

It takes a minimum of one (1) hour to deliver an IDI Group Profile Report Debrief and, depending on whether it is paired with an orientation, introductory information, action planning, or additional training opportunities, it can take up to a half- or full-day. QAs will need some time to prepare for the Debrief, such as reviewing IDI results, prepping materials, or preparing for action planning. We do provide resources for use in Group Debriefs such as videos and presentation slide templates. 

Individual Debrief sessions require between 30-75 minutes of either virtual or in-person meeting time with each respondent. Holding a one-on-one Individual Debrief with each respondent is required in order to share an IDI Individual Profile Report & Intercultural Development Plan (IDP). 

There may also be some preparation time depending on the QA's comfort and skill level with administering the IDI and devlivering Debriefs. The IDI is ordered online and, as part of that process, there is an option for the IDI Assessment Website to send login codes to take the assessment directly via email, so the time required for administering the IDI is typically fairly minimal.

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