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How do transitional or traumatic events affect IDI results?

In only rare cases does a transitional event or traumatic event directly impact how we make sense of or construe cultural differences, the focus of the IDI. Validation studies of the IDI indicate this mindset towards cultural differences is stable across a wide range of human experiences and challenges. 

Whether current events would be considered transitional or traumatic events for a person is going to vary by individual, based on several factors such as the direct impact of the events on one's work and home life; and whether they or someone they know have directly experienced negative impacts due to these events. In addition, the extent to which these events may be considered transitional or traumatic will vary based on these factors. 

Here are some examples of events that could be regarded as traumatic and how they may or may not affect IDI results: 

The COVID-19 pandemic: While the pandemic may impact thinking and behavior in regards to safety, in the vast number of cases this impact does not significantly change our mindset towards cultural differences. However, if a respondent feels their thinking and behavior has changed specifically towards how they engage cultural differences, you may wish to ask them to reflect on how this transitional situation may impact how they make sense of cultural differences and commonalities as identified by their IDI results.

Regarding events around racial injustice: Due to the cultural nature of these events for many, it is possible that these events may be considered transitional or traumatic, and may be reflected in IDI results. That being said, an individual's results will still be valid of their current experience, and will present an accurate portrait of how the person is making sense of cultural differences.

While we may see an effect on IDI results as a result of current events, IDI, LLC does not recommend waiting to administer the IDI, and in fact, believes this is a more important time than ever to engage individuals in this work and conversations. We encourage you to continue using the IDI as you would prior to current events, but encourage you to make time and space for conversation, if needed, around how these events could potentially be impacting respondents, and how this may be showing up in their profile results. 

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