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Providing IDI Debrief Sessions Virtually

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?


Many QAs conduct virtual feedback sessions rather than holding them face-to-face. Here are a few additional suggestions or considerations that are specific to virtual feedbacks:

1) Ensure that your client/respondent is comfortable with whatever platform that you are using. Consider including an additional five minutes at the start of meeting that is set aside for any technical troubleshooting. 

2) When providing reports and IDPs, consider how you will ask the client to reference the report as you go through it. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. The respondent can print their reports to reference throughout the meeting. If you would like them to print the report, be sure to provide these documents with enough time for them to be able to print. 
  2.  The respondent can access a copy of their reports electronically.  
  3. You can share the reports via a screenshare. 

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