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Sharing IDI Data for Research

IDI, LLC policies state that only QAs are able to conduct research on IDI data (IDI License Agreement, Section C-7, p.4.; Section E-4, p.7).

It is possible for a QA to collaborate with non-QAs in conducting research using IDI data, however, ultimately, the QA is solely responsible for the correct use of the data as well as its publication. (And would then, of course, need to be listed as an author on any publication). If the data is not interpreted or used correctly, you would be held responsible.

IDI, LLC encourages you to review the confidentiality policy you have in place with this client.  In the confidentiality policy, what is indicated will be done with the results? Does it specify who will see individuals' results? Were respondents aware of and did they agree to this when they took the IDI?


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