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Does IDI, LLC have a recommended reading list for intercultural development?

Because intercultural development is goal-directed, it's important to understand what an individual's or group's goals are before determining the best resources for their development. The best choice of materials for intercultural development varies greatly depending on the respondent's:

  • Developmental task as indicated in their IDI results,
  • Goals (identified in completing the IDP, or in Action Planning for groups),
  • Preferred learning method (e.g., books, classes, etc.)

Using these components the QA can assist the respondent with a search to meet the individual's specific needs. Because of these factors, IDI, LLC does not have a recommending reading list. 

We do maintain a list of IDI-related publications on our website. Please see https://idiinventory.com/research-and-publications for more information. 

There are also many resource lists online that may be helpful in assisting you in finding appropriate resources based on your respondents' goals. 

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