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Sharing IDI Individual Reports Without a Debrief

Per the IDI Licensing Agreement, IDI Qualified Administrators (QAs) may not share individual IDI results and the Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) without a one-on-one Individual Debrief. 

See C.5 of the IDI License Agreement.

Because Individual IDI results can only be understood within each person's individualized experience and personal context, each respondent must be given the opportunity to speak with the QA one-on-one and confidentially about their personal results, including discussing the IDP. Attendance at a Group Debrief is not a substitute for holding the Individual Debrief in order to share Individual IDI results

If an individual has already completed a Group Debrief, the QA may be able to do these sessions more quickly (e.g. in 30 minutes rather than 45-60) since the respondent has some understanding of the background information of the IDI already, but an Individual Debrief is still required in order to share Individual Profile Reports. 



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