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Seven Points as a Meaningful Difference in Relation to the Orientation Gap

The Orientation Gap being meaningful at 7 points is derived from the consensus that a difference of at least 1/2 of an Orientation (also, one half of a standard deviation) is likely to be meaningful to a respondent in terms of the Orientation Gap (OG).  If there is an OG of less than 7 points, an IDI report will indicate that a respondent has accurately estimated their Orientation. It should be noted that while the range of Minimization is 30 points, this still applies. We do discuss early and late Minimization as 2 distinct experiences.

Note: Because the IDC is a bell curve, each Orientation is one standard deviation from 100, with the first half of Minimization being 1 standard deviation, and the 2nd half of Minimization also being 1 standard deviation.

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