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Wide vs. Narrow Range of Orientations

The IDI Group report does not explicitly state if the range of orientations is considered wide or narrow. This is because there are a variety of possibilities that could lend itself to a more wide or narrow range of orientations. There is an alternate definition below that is located in the handout Delivering Effective Group Debriefs located in your QA account under QA Resources>IDI Debriefs>Delivering Effective Group IDI Debriefs. These scripts are also available in the Resource Guide in the "Delivering IDI Debriefs" section.

By narrow we mean that the majority of profiles are clustered relatively close together (usually within one to two orientations), or that the majority of the participants score primarily within the monocultural or the intercultural mindsets. 

By wide we mean that participants score across a wide range of orientations; there is a relatively fair mixture of monocultural or intercultural mindsets or the profiles are spread along four or more of the developmental stages. 

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