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Ordering Student Online IDI Debrief Codes

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?


Student Online Debrief Codes are ordered in the IDI Assessment Website. They can be purchased at the same time as an order for IDI Login Codes (which is highly recommended), or they can be purchased separately. Each order will have one corresponding unique code, regardless of the number of enrollments purchased. For example, if you order 20 debriefs, you will receive 20 enrollments for the Online Debrief Program with that code.


Ordering Student Online IDI Debrief Codes as part of an IDI Login Codes Order (recommended)

For easy ordering, we recommend utilizing students’ names and email addresses in your order.

  1. Log in to your QA Account or Enterprise Account.

  2. Click Place New Order.

  3. On the Place New Order page, click Select Type of IDI and choose EDU Student. Enter the Quantity of Login Codes you wish to order, which will automatically populate the Total (cost for the IDI Login Codes).

  4. Once EDU Student is selected, the Online Debrief section and the option to Add Online Debrief Code will appear above Check Out.
  5. Check Add Online Debrief Code.
      • This will add 1 enrollment to the Student Online IDI Debrief Program for each IDI purchased (e.g. if you order four IDI Login Codes, it will add four enrollments for the for the Online Debrief Program at $6 each; if you order 20 IDI Logins, it will add 20 enrollments for the Online Debrief Program at $6 each, etc.).
      • The total will automatically update to reflect this cost.

  6. You have the option to select Email Debrief Code with Report and IDP to opt to have the students’ Individual Profile Report, IDP, and a code to access the Online Debrief Program sent automatically upon completion of the IDI.
      • Note: You must enter the students’ emails at the time of the order to use this feature. If you do not use this feature, you must manually send each student their IDI Individual Profile Report, IDP, and login information to the Student Online IDI Debrief Program.
      • To include students’ emails at the time the order is placed, choose either New Email to enter email addresses one at a time, or Import Emails to upload a list of emails at once.
          • Note that the total number of IDI assessments and the Total price at the top of the page will fluctuate as you enter email addresses.
          • In addition, the number of IDI assessments and Online Debrief Codes must match the number of emails entered. If you input fewer email addresses than the number of IDIs, the total will adjust to match the number of emails.

  7. Complete the following:
    • Assessment: Full Name will be checked by default, which will include the name each student enters when they complete the IDI assessment on their Individual Profile Report and IDP. Checking ID Number will also provide a space for the student to enter an ID Number, if you wish to have them do so.
    • Demographics: Education Level, Country of Citizenship, and Position will be checked by default. Uncheck any or all of these if you do not wish to include them with the IDI assessment. Note: Student is an option for “Position”.
    • Customized Questions: You may include up to 6 multiple choice questions that will appear at the end of the IDI assessment (not required).
    • Group Details – Group Name – Enter a name for your group. You should choose a name that will be helpful in identifying the group. For example, you may wish to name the group according to the Course, Term, and Year, such as: PSYCH101Fall2020
    • Message for Respondents: Enter the information you would like to have included in the email students will receive with their IDI login (for example, an overview, any instructions, what to expect, important dates, what to do upon completion of the Online Debrief Program, etc.). It will appear in the email with their login information under the words “Message from Administrator”.

  • Under Check Out choose the payment type, and then click Submit.

  • Verify your order’s details: A pop up will appear with the details of your order. If it is correct, click Yes.

  • Save IDI Login Codes: Click OK on the alert, then choose which method you prefer to save a copy of the login codes for this order.

    Ordering Student Online IDI Debrief Codes separately

    This is only recommended if you are purchasing access to the Student Online IDI Debrief Program for students who have already completed the IDI at an earlier time.

    1. Log in to your QA Account or Enterprise Account

    2. Click on Orders in the sidebar on the left to expand the menu

    3. Click Order Online Debrief Codes

    4. Enter the number of Student Online Debrief Codes desired

    5. Complete billing information and submit order

    6. Codes will be sent to the email address associated with the IDI account

    7. QA must provide the following information to students manually:
      • IDI login and password + link to take IDI assessment
      • After completion of the IDI:
        • Student’s IDI Individual Profile Report and IDP
        • Information and instructions to complete the Online Debrief Program, including a link to the site and the Online Debrief Code

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