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Managing Student Online Debrief Program Code(s)

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?


After you place an order for the Student Online IDI Debrief Program in your IDI QA Account you will receive an email containing the Online Debrief Code associated with your order. Please note that it can take up to 5 minutes after placing an order for Online Debrief Codes to become available in the system.


  1. You can review your Online Debrief Code(s) in your IDI Account via Account Order History (under Orders in the navigation). These will appear within a few minutes after the order is placed.

  2. You are also able to view Online Debrief Codes by user by clicking on Respondents, then Login Codes.
    • Scroll to the right to view if there is an Online Debrief Code associated with a user. If there is one, it will appear under Online Debrief Code.

  3. You can also see how many enrollments for an Online Debrief Code have been used (codes are considered used once a student logs into the Student Online IDI Debrief Program):

    1. Click Account Order History in your IDI QA Account.

    2. Click on the magnifying glass to the left of the order ID.

    3. A box titled Edit User Payment will pop up.

    4. Click on the box Debrief Usage to see how many codes have been used.

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