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Overview of Student Online IDI Debrief Program Admin Account

This article is intended for licensed IDI Qualified Administrators. If you are not a licensed IDI Qualified Administrator and are interested in being licensed to use the Intercultural Development Inventory, visit this article: Should I become an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA)?


Once you are logged into the Student Online IDI Debrief Program you will navigate using the links at the top left of the page:

Home – The home page you are on. Also the landing page for the website.

My Account – This page shows the view that students see. You will not need to use any of the functions on this page.

mceclip0.png My Profile – edit personal information

mceclip1.pngMy Transcript – where student enrollees would see their courses

mceclip2.pngMy Calendar – the calendar function is not active

Learning Activities: Course – This is where courses will appear in student accounts.

Reports – Allows you to run reports of students’ progress.

Administrator Menu

mceclip3.png   Where you manage the users (students) in your account.

mceclip4.png  Where you manage the groups in your account.

mceclip5.pngThis function enables you to import data from other courses from this system. For the purposes of completing Online Student IDI Debriefs, you will not use this function.

mceclip6.pngThere are no certificates in our system, so you will not use this function.


FAQs – A list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for students.

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