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Student Navigation in the Online IDI Debrief Program

To learn more about the Student Online IDI Debrief Program, visit this article: Overview of Student Online IDI Debrief Program


While logged into the Online Debrief Program website, students have access to the following navigation links:

  • Home – The home page. This is also the landing page for the website.
  • My Account – Where they will access the Debrief Program and see their progress.
  • FAQs – A list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for students.

Completing the Online IDI Debrief Program

  1. Once the student successfully registers, they will be taken to the My Account page in their Online Debrief Program account.
  2. The course they selected will appear on the right-hand side.
  3. There is a Progress Indicator bar showing how much of the Debrief they have completed.
  4. They will click the green Go button to begin the Debrief program.
  5. This will take them to the Learning Activity page for the course, where they will click Go again to begin the Debrief.
  6. The Online Debrief Program will open in a separate window.


Important notes about completing the Online IDI Debrief:

    • The student much be active on the window for it to play (e.g. cannot be doing something in another browser window or program).
    • To complete the program, the student must view the content of each slide in its entirety, including click on all links on a slide.
    • If the student closes the window or logs out of their account while viewing the Online Debrief Program, they can relaunch it from their My Account page. They will have the option to start where they left off.
    • There are Knowledge Checks in the Online Debrief Program. Once the student selects and submits an answer the program will indicate if their answer was correct, then immediately move on to the next question. The student will not be able to change their answer.
    • The final slide does not automatically close. The student will need to close the window to complete the Online Debrief Program.
    • Once a student has completed the Online Debrief Program, the status for program will change to “Passed” in their account, regardless of the score the received on the knowledge check.

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