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Is it ok if an IDI QA works within an organization where they know the respondents they will be debriefing?

It is quite common for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to be administered by a Qualified Administrator (QA) who is also part of the team/group/organization which they are administering the IDI to. IDI Qualified Administrators (QAs) are trained and licensed to administer the IDI and interpret IDI results. IDI results are generated in the system based on the respondent's answers to the items in the assessment; the QA's role is to relay those results and help the respondent understand what they mean within the context of the respondent's own experiences. The QA cannot influence or change/edit the results themselves.

The most important considerations when engaging with the IDI are that the respondents are honest in their responses to the items on the IDI (if they are not, the results are meaningless); that respondents understand that the QA's role is to help them understand what the results mean, and (if applicable) what they can do in response to their results (e.g. action planning); that results will remain confidential; and that results will not be used in any punitive way, but are simply an opportunity to better understand ourselves in regards to cultural commonalities and differences.

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