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Best Web Browsers to use IDI Websites

While the IDI websites will work with any popular web browser, some do communicate with our systems better than others. Based on our testing and user feedback, we advise using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, it's important to ensure that your web browser is up-to-date so it can effectively communicate with the IDI websites. Below, we have included the links that detail how to download or update each of these browsers.

We advise against using Microsoft Edge and its predecessor, Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer no longer updates and causes issues when navigating IDI websites.


Please note that any links listed are provided only for your convenience and not as a direction to download them to use the IDI websites. Additionally, each of the links listed labelled "Download" will take you to the Download page and will not automatically download anything to your device.


Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome for Desktop

How to Update Chrome on Desktop



Note: Safari is no longer available for Windows and the last version (5.1.7) is out of date, which could lead to errors when using the IDI website.

How to Update Safari


Mozilla Firefox

Download Firefox on Desktop

How to Update Firefox on Desktop

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