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IDI Branding & Style Guide

This is the Branding & Style Guide to use the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) logo and assets.


All assets are owned by IDI, LLC and can only be used by receiving expressed permission from IDI, LLC. Please contact support@idiinventory.com with a description of your request, including any text that may accompanying any IDI images. 



The Intercultural Development Inventory logo reflects the bright confidence, wisdom and authenticity of the IDI brand, the tool and its administrators. The layered “D” in the logo bug symbolizes inclusion, progress and development—all key components of the IDI brand.

The logo is crisp, simple and legible in a variety of sizes. There are two orientations: horizontal and stacked. The horizontal version is preferred and should be used most often. The stacked version is a good alternative for applications with width limitations that would make the horizontal logo look very small.

The company name is set in Nimbus Sans, a friendly but authoritative geometric sans serif font. It has a relatively neutral personality that appeals to a wide and varied audience.

The logo bug and text are all one color—#5F0028. This is IDI’s original burgundy, which is easily recognizable by IDI’s current clients. The white “D” in the logo is transparent.









Logo Usage

The IDI logo should be used in burgundy whenever possible. If the logo is running on a dark background color, or if the background color clashes with the burgundy, please use the white or black versions of the logo instead. The logo should never be altered in any way including stretching, skewing, titling, layout, color or font modification. The IDI logo and all mentions of the Intercultural Development Inventory and its properties should follow the IDI Trademark Guidelines.


IDI Black Logo on Gray BG.svg IDI White Logo on Color BG.svg


Be sure to allow spacing around all sides of the logo equal to or greater than the width of the “I” in the logo bug.




Supporting Graphics

Intercultural Development Continuum©

The Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC)© is the most important supporting graphic in the IDI library—it offers the clearest picture of what IDI assessment results mean and how the five stages of intercultural development relate to each other.

Each stage represents a person’s ability to interpret and adapt to cultural similarities and differences. Moving from left to right along the arrow, the stages range from least complex (Denial) to most complex (Adaptation).

The IDC is a key visual tool that helps organizations and individuals chart a path for continued growth along the continuum.

The IDC graphic should never be altered or reproduced in any way.


IDI Intercultural Development Continuum - Graphic.svg


IDI Trademark Guidelines

The materials that IDI, LLC provides to IDI Qualified Administrators to use under the IDI Licensing Agreement must be used without alteration or changes and must be clearly marked with “copyright ©, 1998-2023, IDI, LLC, used with permission”. As each year arrives, the copyright notice should extend to that year. For many of the materials, such as the IDI Group Profile Report and IDI Individual Profile Report, this copyright notice appears.

Use of Registered Trademark Symbol

The registered trademark symbol ® must appear on the first mention or citation of the following items as indicated:

  • Intercultural Development Inventory®
  • IDI®
  • Intercultural Development Plan®
  • IDP®
  • IDI Guided Development®
  • IDI Logo

Use of Copyright Symbol

The copyright symbol © must appear on the first mention or citation of the following items as indicated:

  • Intercultural Development Continuum©
  • IDC©

Statements for Website & Marketing Materials

  • You have permission (and are encouraged) to link your website to the IDI, LLC public website. This can be done by displaying the website address as listed below and including the IDI logo:
    • idiinventory.com 
  • You have permission to use the most recent graphic of the Intercultural Development Continuum® on your website with the appropriate citation. Include the following text with the graphic: Intercultural Development Continuum® (2023), IDI,LLC. Used with permission.
  • You must acknowledge the following in your website and marketing materials:
    • XXXX (QA name or company) has obtained a license to use the IDI® from IDI, LLC.
  • For any use of the IDI logo beyond the above statements, please contact IDI, LLC (support@idiinventory.com) for approval.


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