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The items in the IDI are “indicators” of a more complex experience of cultural differences and cannot be appropriately interpreted in isolation. Rather, multiple items (indicators) comprise different scales which are the core units of interpretation. The IDI profile reports present this information. This is far more rigorous and accurate than reviewing individual items. For this reason, we do not discuss or show individual items and we keep our feedback focused on the information found in the report.


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The IDI is a unique and cross-culturally validated measure of intercultural competence. The theoretic underpinnings of the IDI and the methodology employed in the IDI measurement of intercultural competence do not break down intercultural competence into elements such as knowledge, attitude, or skill. The IDI uses separate algorithms to analyze the items and the raw data on its own is not interpretable.


It is standard practice when dealing with a psychometric instrument that the participant would not review their responses to individual items because their overall score is the collection of responses in addition to a weighted algorithm that is proprietary to the assessment developers. If the assessment were something like a topological assessment or an assessment of personality characteristics or an opinion survey, those protocols would likely not be in place. However the IDI is an assessment that uses a validated algorithm that is applied to one's responses and thus to the "naked eye" there would be some difficulty in discerning how responses to individual items impacted the overall results. One analogy would be to consider an instrument like the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Indicator) which assesses mental health. There are items on there such as, "how often do you shower" and a response to that individual item would do little to help a person understand why the instrument identified a particular area of psychopathology for them.

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