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IDI QA Database

The IDI QA Database is a searchable database of licensed IDI Qualified Administrators (QAs). Licensed QAs may opt in to being included in this database. Participation in the QA database is completely optional for QAs. Because QAs work independently of the IDI, LLC office, we refer any inquiries we receive for QAs to this database. Those interested in connecting with a QA should utilize this database. Because QAs have varying levels of education, experience, skills, and services, their fees will vary.

Here are guidelines for the various options:


Service Format

The type(s) of setting the QA has identified in which they offer IDI services. 
  • In-Person: QA offers services live, in-person.

  • Virtual: QA offers virtual services, for example, online Debriefs, workshops, trainings, etc.

Who You Serve

The type of clients the QA has identified they work with
  • Corporations: privately-owned entities formed to conduct business and generate profit for their shareholders or owners
  • Educational Institutions: organizations dedicated to providing learning opportunities and knowledge dissemination, including schools, colleges, universities, and other educational entities

  • Government: public entities responsible for governing a country, state, or local region

  • Individuals: individual respondents who are not part of an organization seeking to complete the IDI (typically consists of administering the IDI and conducting an Individual Debrief to share an Individual Profile Report)

  • Non-Profit Organizations: entities that serve public or social causes rather than seeking profits


The types of services the QA has identified they offer. 
  • Group Debriefs:  A meeting where the QA shares and interprets the group's (e.g., team, department, etc.) aggregate IDI results (Group Profile Report). Typically 1-3 hours in length.

  • Individual Debriefs: A one-on-one meeting where the QA shares and interprets an individual's IDI results (IDI Individual Profile Report). Typically 30-60 minutes in length.

  • Group Coaching: Ongoing support to groups based on their IDI results.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: Ongoing 1:1 support to individuals based on their IDI results.

  • Program Evaluation: Typically consists of a pre- and post-evaluation of a program or other intervention using the IDI as a measure of change. May or may not also include Group or Individual Debriefs where IDI results are shared.

  • Organizational Consulting: Professional service that provides expert advice and guidance to organizations to improve their overall performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. May include organization-wide administration of the IDI and consultation based on these broad IDI results.

  • Workshops: Any structured learning session or event where participants actively engage in activities, discussions, or exercises to gain practical knowledge and skills on a specific topic.

  • Training Development: Designing, creating, and implementing educational programs and materials to enhance an individual or group's knowledge, skills, and competencies in a specific area.



The language(s) the QA has identified that they are able to fluently and professionally offer services in. The full list matches the languages that the IDI itself is available: Available Languages of IDI Assessment and IDI Reports.

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