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Using the IDI for Research

The IDI can only be administered by licensed Qualified Administrators (QAs) who have completed the IDI Qualifying Seminar. If you are not already a QA, you would first need to register and attend a Qualifying Seminar to become licensed as a Qualified Administrator (QA) of the IDI in order to use, conduct research with, analyze data of, present on, and/or write about the IDI. You can find a list of upcoming Qualifying Seminars here: https://www.idiassessment.com/Events/Event/Select 

Once certified, you are able to purchase the IDI for your use. You would need to purchase one IDI for each participant in your study. Each participant will access the IDI online through our website with their own username and password, and you would access the results through your own IDI account. You can find more information about pricing here: https://idiinventory.com/products/idi-products-services-pricing/

In addition, QAs using the IDI for research are required to adhere to IDI Best Practices. This means that the IDI cannot be used for research that uses the IDI for selection or promotion, or that validates another instrument. In keeping with IDI Best Practices, the IDI must be used ethically and appropriately. We suggest that you follow your institution's IRB, informed consent, and privacy guidelines. 

Finally, should your research result in published work or papers, we ask to review the portion of the work that involved the IDI prior to publication in order to ensure that the all material relevant to the IDI is accurate and up to date.

We would also strongly recommend sending in your research proposal for review prior to registering for a Qualifying Seminar.

What if I am not a QA?

Only QAs are responsible for IDI data, its analysis, and its presentation or publication. QAs can collaborate with non-QAs in this process to analyze IDI data, prepare statistical or other analytical or research reports based on IDI data, or to co-present IDI results at conferences and/or in publications. However, ultimately, it is the QA who is responsible for appropriate use and interpretation of IDI data.

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