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Using a Translator for Individual IDI Debriefs

An individual IDI Debrief can be delivered via a translator if the QA is comfortable with that, with the following considerations. 

  • Is the respondent able to complete the IDI in a language that they have at least a 10th grade reading level in? If not, they should not complete the IDI. We use strict translation protocols to translate the IDI assessment into languages other English. Thus, the assessment itself may not be translated, per the IDI licensing agreement.

  • If the person is able to complete the IDI in a language they are comfortable with, and just needs help with understanding IDI Reports (currently only available in English), that is acceptable. The IDI Reports themselves may not be translated, but a translator may be present during the individual IDI Debrief, if the respondent is comfortable with that. The translator should understand and agree that the IDI results and anything shared during the Debrief is confidential.

  • Ideally (if possible) the translator would also take the IDI and go through the individual IDI Debrief process themselves first to have a better understanding of the IDI and the results. Because some of the terminology in the IDI has different meanings in other contexts (e.g. the names of each orientation), it's important the translator has some level of understanding of the IDI. Using descriptions and examples for the concepts presented in the IDI reports can be helpful to ensure understanding.

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