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Guidelines for Group Debriefs

Group Makeup

Typically, Group Profile Reports are created and Group Debriefs are conducted for intact groups (a team, department, committee, etc.) for who shared results have meaning. In these cases, the goal of the Group Debrief is to understand how the group as a whole engages with cultural differences. This is typically followed by some type of action planning - what are the group's goals and next steps based on their IDI results?

Group Debriefs can also be used with non-intact groups for the purpose of introducing the IDI prior to conducting Individual Debriefs. In these cases, the Group Debrief may consist of an orientation to the IDI project, background on the IDI, details about the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC), etc.


Is there a minimum size for groups to generate a Group Profile Report?

To maintain confidentiality, we generally recommend that groups be a minimum of 5, and preferably at least 8, people. However, depending on the group members and their goals, it may be appropriate to do a smaller group. For small Group Debriefs, the group should be an intact group (a team, department, class, etc.) for who shared results have meaning. 


Is there a maximum size for groups to generate a Group Profile Report?

There is no limit to the number of individuals who can be included in a Group Profile Report, or who can attend a Group Debrief. QAs may wish to consider the goals of the Group Debrief and consider if the size of the group is appropriate for their needs. 

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